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Central Coast Muzzle Loaders was established in 1969 as a local Shooting Club. Club disciplines include Shotgun, Rifle, Black Powder and Pistol.


Variety of centre-fire, rim-fire,  sporting, Military & black powder rifles can be used.
Range distances from 50m up to 300m.

50m & 100m range - NO CENTREFIRE, only approved rim-fire, muzzle loading black powder and air rifles

300m range - refer to calendar for available time this range is in use, which is limited.



Down the Line (DTL) is one of the most popular clay target disciplines shot in Australia.  Trap targets are launched from a trap house which houses either singular machine with the shooters positioned fifteen meters behind the throwing arm of the trap. On the call of the shooter, the trap releases a single target that is released away from the shooter and at random left to right angles.

5 Stand
5 Stand is shot from 5 stations and consists of 25 targets. Shooters stand in a cage designed to limit gun movement and targets are thrown from multiple traps.

5 targets are presented at each station in a number of different presentations. Typical target presentations include crossing, incoming, and outgoing targets. The combinations change at each statio

 Sporting has number of stations placed throughout the club grounds. Each station presents a number of targets and could be singles, doubles or report pairs.
Different types of targets are used including;
Standard, Midi, Mini, Battue and Rabbit.



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